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Practice is a very important part of being a top real estate agent.  Every day you can practice the most important skills to take you further into your property market and grow commission opportunities.

So what skills do you need to practice and know about in commercial real estate?  Try some of these:

  • Pitching and presenting your services
  • Listing skills within your property type
  • Negotiation factors applying to your property type
  • Marketing issues and alternatives
  • Prospecting for new business
  • Documentation skills for the variations of deals that can come your way

So these are the 6 key real estate skills and they apply to all of us; it doesn’t matter if you have been an agent for 10 hours or 10 years, there are plenty of things to practice.

In an ongoing way you can improve them and refine them for the pressures of the property market, the clients, and your location.  Local market information and strategies will be fed into each of the 6 key skills.  Understand your property market comprehensively so you can give real value and attract the attention of the clients that need your services.

Pay the Price

Be willing to pay the price of ‘practice’ to move ahead and upward in your market.  Some of the things that you do in your real estate business will be a waste of time, but through effort and motivation you can find the things that work for you; then you repeat the process.  Try this skills chart to help you with momentum.

Determination is a key factor in business; real estate is no different.  Determination is developed by establishing goals, processes, and systems.  They can then take you comprehensively into your market to reach the right people and capture the right property listings.   Putting in the time is a valuable process.  Every day put in more time to the front end of your business; that is prospecting for listings and clients.

Are You Feeling Awkward?

Sometimes real estate activities are a bit awkward and challenging for agents; as you do more of those awkward things they will get easier and results will flow.  Anything worth doing is worth the struggle in the beginning (and struggle is part of our business).

There is a price to pay when it comes to being a real estate agent; pay the price, work hard, and track your progress.  Opportunities are there for you.

Get the chart on Agent performance here to help you on the way:

commercial real estate brokerage skills chart
Agent Skills Chart for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

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