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In most towns or cities there are plenty of agents that claim to be ‘experts in commercial real estate’.  The claim is however in many cases far from the truth.  Some brokers and agents have very little understanding about the complexities of the property market segment, particularly with:

When it comes to pitching for a listing in any of the commercial categories, use your extensive market knowledge and property specialisation as a point of difference; let the client see that you really do know what you are doing and how you can take the property to the right target market.  Help the client see that your ‘personal involvement’ in marketing is a critical factor in the listing and promotional process.

The clients that we serve will almost always choose the best agent with the best marketing solutions and comprehensive knowledge to attract interest and negotiation.  It is hard for a client to ignore a top agent.

Show them the real conditions of the market today in your listing pitch, and drill down with your experience to give them a promotional strategy that is superior to that of your competition.  That’s how you win more listings.

To help your business stand out as the ‘best agent solution’ here are some ideas:

  1. With any quality property in a top location, it is essential to spend marketing funds that match and provide a ‘high profile’ campaign.  Exclusive listings and vendor paid marketing is part of that process.  There are many examples ‘globally’ of top agents and brokerages that focus and build their businesses from the ‘high profile’ marketing of quality properties.
  2. Treat ‘open listings’ and ‘exclusive listings’ differently.  Segment your website so the ‘exclusive listings’ get priority placement and greater listing size or layout.  If a client wants to feature on your website, they need to give you the exclusivity you require; you should ask for a premium payment for the website listing as part of vendor paid marketing funds.
  3. Every top client with a high quality property should get a good degree of personal effort from you as the agent during the campaign.  There are specific things that you can do such as taking the listing personally to business leaders locally, property investors, tenants seeking relocation, and property developers.  As logical as this seems, many agents don’t promote listings at this personal level.  When you do this marketing successfully, it shows others of your commitment to getting a result; over time that can lead to more clients and listings from those people that you have approached.

Standing out as a top agent is easy if you follow the rules.  Given that there are plenty of competitors chasing most of the high quality listings, do the extra things that will help the client choose you as the ‘agent of choice’.

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