Proactive Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Tips

In commercial real estate brokerage you have a couple of choices with most things that you do.  You can be proactive or you can be reactive.  In other words the market can drive you or you can drive your market.

I think we have all seen brokers and agents that are ‘out of control’ most of the time.  Typically they are in a perpetual system of ‘overload’.  In most cases they will not be the high fee earners and creators of quality listings.  They will struggle for income and market share.

So what does ‘overload’ look like?  Try some of these:

  • Late for meetings
  • Late for inspections
  • Not connecting with the right buyers or tenants for every exclusive listing that arises
  • Not marketing properties directly
  • Poorly prepared paperwork
  • A desk that looks like a ‘bomb site’
  • Presenting and pitching for a listing with little or no preparation
  • Leaving the marketing material behind or only using generic material with little relevance
  • Not keeping a close relationship with clients only to find that they are now using another broker or agent
  • Seeing a listing be snapped up by another competitor

In the real world of commercial real estate brokerage I know that it is hard to be ‘in control’ for every minute of the day given the challenges that arise, but we should be able to control at least half of the working day.

Top agents and brokers are highly organised most of the time.  They are in control with the things that matter and the clients that they serve can see that.

So what can you do here?  You can modify your work plan so you really are in control of the things that matter.  Lock up your time for half a day every day.  Do not let others change your diary or add commitments that you have not approved.  Control your day in commercial real estate brokerage.

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