Commercial Agent Cold Calling Course


In this course you can learn all about making telephone calls to attract new business in commercial real estate brokerage. You can learn how to approach the right people in the right ways to find the new listings and the transaction opportunities across sales and leasing activity in commercial real estate today.

As this property market changes, use the telephone as a leverage tool to grow your business faster than in any other method. The telephone can be your prospecting tool of choice when it comes to growing your business substantially throughout the year and into the future. Through making more calls, you can create more meetings, and listing opportunities with the right people in the right way.

As the property market shifts and changes, there are plenty of leads and opportunities out there to be found and worked with. Take control of your real estate business today by using these systems of telephone prospecting and cold call marketing as a real estate agent in your town or city. The course is comprehensive and is split up into different modules for you to review, practice, and implement. We can make your real estate business more functional and successful.


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Telephone prospecting and cold calling is the best way to grow your commercial real estate business faster than in any other way.  In this course, we give you all the guidance, tips, and templates to get a call prospecting system going in your real estate business.

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