Kick-Start Course for Commercial Agents


With this Commercial Real Estate Agent Course, there are plenty of ideas and strategies that you can learn about and implement.  The focus here is to help you get more systems into your real estate day so you can find the new business that you are looking for.

Most agents struggle in doing the right things regularly in their real estate business.  The ‘random’ approach in commercial real estate is then a struggle.  With a bit of organization and directed activity, you can find more new business and listings to work on.  You know that the real estate business is out there, and you want more of it.  These days, the definition of success in commercial real estate is centred on exclusively held listing stock and a pipeline of clients that you can talk to and serve in many ways. That is what the course will help you with.

The course should appeal to both new agents, and those that are struggling with progress and want more results from what they are doing.   Create your customer list and have them call YOU when they want to move ahead in sales, buying, and leasing activity.  The course is comprehensive and requires no other resources; use it to grow your real estate business faster in this changing property market.

Check out the full Course Curriculum, the videos, audio, charts and resources.  We can help you solve your real estate growth plan with more momentum and daily work strategies on the things that matter.


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What if you could take your real estate business to the next level?  It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the career, or an Agent that has been active for a while. With this Course, you can boost your business activities in Selling and Leasing Office, Industrial, and Retail Property.  The Course helps you get your systems established and or back on track.  The focus of the Course is particularly centred on prospecting, new clients, and converting new listings.

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