Intro to Commercial Leasing


In this Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Leasing Course, we help you set the foundations for your commercial, industrial, and retail real estate leasing business.  We help you with prospecting ideas, direct marketing, and listing presentations with tenants and landlords.  The main part of the Course is supported by a detailed workbook and instructional lessons and charts.  From that initial base of information, we help you get your focus on building new landlord client relationships and attracting listings to lease.  The personal planning approach in the course shows you what is important in your real estate leasing day and working week.  We also give you a comprehensive set of canvassing letters that you can use in your real estate business to approach new clients and prospects.


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This Introduction to Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Leasing covers many strategies and ideas to help you find more lease listings, tenants, and clients.  The Space Introduction to Leasing Course is a good base of leasing strategies and solutions to help you easily set up your leasing business and grow your market share.

In the sections of the Course, we cover prospecting, lead generation, client relationship building, and listing negotiations.  As a BONUS we also give you a selection of marketing letters that you can send to your Landlord and Tenant prospects in your location.

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