Property Fact Sheet Template for Commercial Real Estate Leasing

A commercial property fact sheet will very likely help you lease a property, and at the very least will help you convert more interest in creating and holding a property inspection.  With the fact sheet you have something to talk to about and negotiate through.  You can open up on the fuller property details; you can also provide a specific list of property facts and feature points that may be of interest to the tenant.


Complex leasing questions


Many tenants will ask some challenging questions when they walk around the property.  When you have a lot of vacant properties on your books it can become quite difficult to remember all the leasing facts at the right time and in the right way.  You can and should carry with you a selection of property fact sheets to use at the right time and in the right way.  Those fact sheets should also be accessible on your smartphone and your tablet computer.

So what can you do here with this fact sheet concept?  Take for example a situation where you may be undertaking an inspection of an Office Property with a potential tenant.  Here are some specific points that you can merge into your fact sheet with the fuller details about the property:


  • Ideal lease terms and lease conditions – you will understand the type of property lease that the landlord is seeking to attract. On that basis you can provide a series of lease terms and conditions indicative of the best lease deal for the current vacancy situation.  That will then give the potential tenant something to think about and what with.
  • Improvement details – the features of the property should be listed and displayed. You can talk about property size, area, location, fit-out configuration, and internal improvements.
  • Photographs – some parts of the property can be featured on the fact sheet in the form of photographs. At a bare minimum, the photographs should include the frontage of the property, the entrance-way, the foyer, and parts of the internal fit-out.
  • Areas of tenancy – understand and display the differences of area across the property and within the tenancy. It will be useful to have a selection of plans and drawings indicating fit-out proximity within the tenancy and within the building.
  • Location facts – most business precincts have factors of location to talk about and expand on. Public transport, main road access, nearby businesses, and proximity to airports, shipping ports, transport depots will be of interest to many potential tenants and should feature on the fact sheet.
  • Available incentives – you will only have one chance to attract the interest of the tenant to the property. Be upfront and clear about the levels of incentive that may be on offer for the leasing of the property.  Look at the variations of rent free, fitout contributions, and discounted rent or landlord contributions to special factors of occupancy.
  • Services and amenities – some tenants will have a focus on services and amenities from a business perspective. Provide information about power, water, electricity, car parking, security, after-hours access, air conditioning, and signage.
  • Floor layouts and plans – as built drawings and the plans of the fit-out are valuable in the leasing sense. They help a tenant understand how they could use the premises and fit a business into a property configuration.
  • Outgoings – occupancy costs are a big issue for many businesses, so provide a list of outgoings that will be contributed to as part of occupying the premises. Depending on the rental structure, property outgoings can be an additional charge in occupancy.
  • Other tenants – sometimes the other tenants in a building will bring credibility to the leasing process.  There is no reason why you should not provide a resume of other tenants in the building on your leasing fact sheet.


So there are some things that you can do here to put together a property fact sheet in leasing any good quality commercial property.

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