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Real estate agents always have plenty of things to do each day.  As they gain more listings or clients, the list of daily activities grows. That is where their ability to remain in control of critical tasks and strategies is so crucial to any future they may have in the industry. 

You can get somewhere with this by modifying your day, transferring time-wasting activities to other people, and reorganizing your diary. It is all about remodeling your real estate career and adapting to the new property market trends. Are you ready for the challenge?

You could even say that the sector of real estate sales and leasing belongs to the organised and active agents.  They are the ‘top agents’ that manage to stay ahead of issues and situations.  They control their real estate business day and have developed a system to achieve that.

Staying on task with the right things in your business day is just so important in commercial real estate.  We all have choices in real estate activities, and those choices are the things that shape our days and our future in real estate brokerage.  Are you making the right choices now?

It is time to think about what you are doing each day and how you can improve things.  Your time is a valuable resource to use and optimise as you seek new clients and property listings.

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Strive to be a Top Real Estate Agent

A Prospecting Focus

The commercial real estate business is driven in the main by your activities in prospecting; that is when it comes to clients, listings, and meetings.

Over time, you must connect with more people and do so consistently and in professional ways. In other words, you build a real estate workflow that you can implement every day with clients and business owners.  It is then your ‘pipeline’ of business opportunity.

Let’s define the idea of a workflow and what it looks like.  It can work for you in your real estate business if you let the concept take some shape. 

A workflow is a ‘pipeline’ of activities that help you grow your relationships with the right people.  Define those key real estate agent activities concerns the awareness of your focus in the real estate business and what the property market is doing.  

The key actions to connect with those real estate people will involve conversations and meetings.  The greater the number of people you can connect with each day, the more conversations you will have, and appointments can occur where a need for property assistance is likely to happen.

If you are struggling in the industry now, look at your workflow and daily habits when connecting with people and creating meetings.  Setting regular times for tasks will help you make some progress in your real estate career.  Time-blocking is also highly effective for agents when it comes to getting the correct type of work done.

Typical Daily Distractions

One of the biggest distractions in real estate will be the ‘active deal’.  When a deal or transaction in sales or leasing starts to take shape, we tend to drop everything else and focus on the value.  Whilst that may seem a good idea, the first thing that gets forgotten is the need for new business. 

Most agents leave the prospecting process to the last thing in their diary if a transaction is active.  That is not a good process if progress is something you want in real estate.

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Creating Contact Systems

A successful agent in the property industry will drive consistent listing opportunity through ongoing contact with the right people. It is a significant and yet essential discipline to bring into your real estate day. 

Habits in a real estate business built around the process will help take you forward.  Habits in real estate take time to create, and that is another ‘struggle point’ for many agents.

Use Change in Brokerage

The property market frequently changes, and on that basis, you can change your prospecting and engagement strategies between the ideal client types.

Change is a good thing when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage. Use that change to your full advantage with the best clients and the best properties.

Where are you headed in real estate today?  Build your business model around these workflow ideas and ensure that you consistently act every day to connect with more new people and build your business focusing on quality.   

Consistency is the way to get your real estate business underway.  Are you ready for the challenge, and will you get the new habits in place?  That question is so essential for real estate agents in this new and emerging property cycle.

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Establish your listing pipeline in real estate.

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