Push and Pull Marketing Tips in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate the process of personal marketing is very important to your ability to build market share and commissions.  In saying that you can do it in two ways; you can ‘push or pull’ as part of building your personal brand into your market.  That choice will impact how people come towards you and seek your services as a commercial real estate broker.

So what is the difference between these two types of self-promotion?  Check this definition:

  • ‘Push marketing’ is quite simple to understand.  It is your ability to reach out to new people and push your profile as a property expert to the greater audience of prospects in your town or city.
  • ‘Pull marketing’ is the process of attracting people to you given your skills and relevance in your area as a top agent.

So what method is better to use in growing your listing and commission business opportunities?  They both are, and importantly they should be used in balance.   There are some good ways to do that.

Consider the following marketing systems:

  1. Each day you should be talking to new people in your town or city.  That is ‘push marketing’; however it should be done with considerable relevance and skill.  The new people you talk to would thereby understand that you are the ‘go to person’ when it comes to any future property need.  Your skills and knowledge are of value to any new sale or lease need when it occurs.
  2. At some point in connecting with your prospects, the ‘push marketing’ reverts to ‘pull marketing’, given that you are showing and giving considerable market information and strategy.

Both of these things seem so obvious, and yet many agents and brokers focus entirely on ‘push marketing’ with very little injection of property relevance and ‘pull’.  It is then very easy for a prospect to decline services and forget about the agent connection.

To develop your property market and your database, consider how you can overlay factors of attraction into your professional services.  Put more ‘pull’ into your marketing approach.   To do that try answering the following questions:

  • What makes you ‘different’ than the other agents and brokers in your town or city?
  • Is that ‘difference’ something specific and of value to the client?
  • How will your clients and prospects remember you for the time that they need you?
  • What marketing systems are you using now that are tools that ‘pull’ people towards you?

Top real estate agents are great ‘pull marketers’ and they form a level of attraction that other agents find difficult to penetrate.

So the message here is clear.  Examine your marketing processes and build your relevance as the top broker that people need in solving property problems.

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