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Most of us in this commercial real estate brokerage business know that ‘exclusive listings’ are very important.  Some agents still struggle with their presentation and pitch to win listings on that basis.  When you are the ‘go to commercial agent or broker’ in your location the clients will give you the exclusive listings, simply because they want the best agent and they trust you as that agent to do a great job.  So, how do you achieve that status?

Here is a rule that you must strive towards, ‘Exclusive listings drive better clients and better deals’.  Controlled listings are everything when you are building market share and your client list.  Get those clients and prospects to commit to you as the property specialist.  Build your sales pitch accordingly.

Improve your personal relevance and property speciality so you can win those quality listings and clients.  Be prepared to walk away from unrealistic clients and ‘open listings’ that have little merit.

Here is an exclusive listing wall chart to help you as an agent or broker with that process.  Follow the ‘circles’ and the key factors described.

real estate chart
Opportunity chart for brokers and agents.


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