Quit Waiting for New Commercial Real Estate Business – Do It Now

In commercial real estate agency you cannot and should not wait for the market to come to you.  For some agents it takes a little while to grasp that fact; the sooner the better is the observation.

Action is a valuable discipline for real estate agents.  Procrastination does nothing for business growth and income opportunities.  The property market always offers new business leads and prospects that are soon to act; it is simply a matter of seeing the signs and tapping into the right people.

So the message is clear; quit waiting for the people to find you, go out and find them.  Over time that one single strategy will do more for your real estate business than anything else.  Talk to new people every day and get better at it.  Conversations can lead you to opportunity.

Here are some things to help you start the process:

  1. You will learn from taking action in your local area across sales, leasing, and property management.  Valuable skills and lessons exist in the action process.
  2. You will have to take risks and manage them as part of stretching your comfort zone.  New things will come up every day and some risks will be involved, so manage the risks and take the action through them.
  3. One client or prospect relationship can be the opening for other referrals and leads.  You can also get more business from the one client over time.  Build your relationships in commercial real estate for the long term.
  4. Trust and relevance are key factors in a client choosing you over others in the local area.  Ensure that you are of greater relevance as an agent; this takes deliberate choice and personal marketing along a defined direction.  Plan your processes to help this happen.

As we enter a new and fruitful cycle of commercial real estate activity, the personal processes of agents should be firmly entrenched in taking action on the things that matter.  Quit waiting for things to happen and take action now.

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