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Real estate marketing trends today are shifting and changing, given that the current property market has begun its new cycle. The promotional channels you use can be more carefully selected, and the content and listings you publish should be optimised in all ways possible. Let’s look at that.

Get the message out to your target audiences. Can you see what is happening with sales in the property market in your location now? Buyers are more selective, and sellers require price conditioning. All parties should heed the price changes as they will be with us for some time now.

What is happening? It is becoming a more balanced property market. Hence your promotional activity should be shaped accordingly. Remember that the property market doesn’t dissapear; it just takes a different shape based on the cost of money, the price and rental expectations, and the sentiment of business.

Marketing to the Right People

Who are the people to reach out to now? It pays to cover all ‘players’ of the market comprehensively. That will be the buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. A good database will help you collate information for each group and conversation. When you have lists of real estate people, you can build a communication and contact system to help you win the business.

Where do you start with your promotional efforts? How can you reach new people? The answers to those questions for agents are essential to finding new business today. The agent with a real estate marketing model that they activate and use daily will likely be the agent that creates more enquiry and, through that, the transactions. Does that sound interesting? Check out the podcast below.

Real Estate Market Reset

It is good to have a balanced property market. There are new people to connect with, properties to list, and inquiries to satisfy. As a real estate agent in your location, there are plenty of things that you can do from a marketing perspective to create a genuine inquiry. It is all about connecting with people.

In this podcast today, we share ideas across all the media channels to help you understand where the enquiry can be generated from when it comes to your real estate target market and any listings you have on your books.

Make no mistake. The job of a real estate agent is to encourage inquiry. The marketing channels are becoming more sophisticated and diverse, both online and offline.

The Alternatives of Promotion

Check out the list of media channels here in the podcast to understand the ones that can work for you. Create the inbound enquiry from buyers and tenants for your listings. Promote yourself and your services comprehensively. Promote your properties in the same way.

This is a good property market. It is all about using the correct promotion channels for your listings to get enquiries. Those listings should match the current property market and the audiences you are looking to attract.

Today you need to have a good list of inquiries coming into you each day and a selection of properties to quote. That is what the property market is all about, and you can do something with that from my brokerage perspective. Check out the list in this podcast.

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