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Rethinking Commercial Real Estate Agent Leadership

To win a good share of new business and the clients in commercial real estate brokerage, you really do need to be a leader or have the qualities of one.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a sole operator or a team manager, leadership skills are required.

With this simple strategy, you bring real integrity and drive to what is a challenging industry most of the time.  Take the time to assemble the personal skills of a top performing agent and include with that the elements of consistency and integrity.

Here are some ideas to help you with this approach to your business:

  1. New clients and listings will only come to you through directed effort in prospecting and negotiating.  Both factors can be honed and practiced.  Over time personal improvement in these skills will help you significantly with the results that you seek.
  2. Why should a client use your services as opposed to those offered by other agents or brokers?  This can be a challenging question for many, given that they probably do not have the points of difference needed to stand out above others in the crowded real estate market place.  Make your point of difference directly specific to the property market and current levels of inquiry.  Make it so specific that your prospects and clients have to use you.  A good example here is that you could have surveyed every business owner in your territory to understand their relocation needs and timing.
  3. Avoid taking on any open listings; only take on the exclusive listings that you can commit to for a solid period of time, and with that get the necessary vendor paid marketing funds.  Top agents focus on quality properties that are exclusively listed.  The equation is simple when you really understand it and practice your presentations to suit.
  4. Rethink your goals and targets regularly so you can adjust to the pressures of the property market.  Things change during the year, and so should your efforts and targets.  Look for the opportunities and build your plan to attract them.
  5. Involve your clients in your marketing and listing efforts.  Show them how you and they are working to a common goal; help them with difficult decisions and challenges by showing them what others have done successfully.
  6. Construct a plan of attack with your personal and property marketing campaigns; don’t just let ‘things happen’.  Make every marketing campaign specific to the clients challenge, and ensure that it is directed at the target market.

Simple rules like these help you with building a position of leadership in the local property market.  Drill down on the skills that matter and the strengths that you bring to your business and territory.  Stand out as a true commercial real estate front-runner in your local area.  That’s what clients want.

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2 replies on “Rethinking Commercial Real Estate Agent Leadership”

Hello John,

Great article shared on Leadership skills in Commercial Real Estate.
also wonderful to see you looking so well,

Kind Regards

Susan Lett

Thanks Sue, Great to hear from you from the Gold Coast. Its a great industry as we all know. Gold Coast market is really moving as well.

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