Sales Letter and Prospecting Letter Secrets in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is a fact that sending letters directly to clients and prospects in commercial real estate really works.  This is more so the case today, as emails are used typically and frequently in real estate marketing.  It is very easy for a person to delete and forget an email.  It is easy for a letter to be remembered providing it is personalised and simplified.  Only include your business card in a direct mail piece.  Keep the letter and the message simple.

Most direct letter pieces are at least read and remembered.  On that basis you can improve your personal marketing efforts by sending regular letters to clients and prospects.  Here are some other rules to help you implement this marketing process for you or your brokerage.

  1. Ensure that your letters are targeted to the groups of people that you are sending them to.  There must be a central focus to the message and the audience.  You will need different letters to landlords, business owners, tenants, and property developers.  You can also have letters to industry professionals such as solicitors and accountants.
  2. Enclose your business card with every letter.  Do not put other material in the letter as it is likely to be forgotten and ‘binned’.  The purpose of the letter is to sell you and your follow-up telephone call.  I go back to the point that your business card is the focus of the process.
  3. Keep your letter very simple so all is contained in a single page of 3 or 4 paragraphs.  Always sign your letters personally in blue ink.  Make sure your signature is legible and neat (it sends a good message).
  4. It is best to send the letters to the same groups at least once every 60 days.  In that way you are creating an image as an industry professional.  In each year you should be sending 6 letters to each group of targets.
  5. I have said earlier that your business card is to be included in each letter.  Consider your business card and the message that it provides.  It should be printed on quality hard or stiff paper stock.  Flimsy business cards send the wrong message (cheap and nasty).  Understand the high value of branding and the feel of your business card.
  6. Every letter should sell your speciality in the local area.  Don’t confuse the messages. Ensure that you are building on the image and message of the last letters sent in the series.

Use the direct letter system as a means to get more meetings.  Commercial real estate is very much a personal branding and specialised prospecting process.  Use the letters to make your calls and create more meetings.

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