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Sales Pitch and Presentation Advantages to Win Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage you can ‘set up’ the competition to ‘fail’ by posing questions to the clients that create a new focus or challenge.  Ask the questions that the competitors will struggle with.  Talk about situations that will make the client think in a different way when it comes to the marketing choice and process.

You understand the market today and the situations that exist.  From those facts and events, you can draw on concepts and questions that will tip the balance of the presentation in your favour.  In essence, you are setting up the competition brokers and agents to struggle with generic ideas and unanswered questions.

The depth of your questions will help the client see that you really have a good grasp on the market today.  Be prepared to talk about the property specifically and its position in the market today.  Show the client the trends that exist when it comes to marketing, inspecting, and negotiating.  Be aware of the special elements that apply to the property type locally.

Here are some ideas to draw into your sales pitch or presentation:

  1. Display to the client your total understanding of the property as it exists today.  It is a positioning process.  You can then quite clearly show the client the competing properties and the results that have occurred with those properties over the years.
  2. If possible, meet the client at the property to show them the exact strategy you will use when it comes to the inspection process with qualified prospects.  Talk about the factors and the features of the property that will have relevance to encouraging an offer or a negotiation.
  3. Your marketing recommendations should be quite specific and relative to the property type and target market.  Show the client how you will match the property to the prevailing market conditions and attract the best target audience.  Be quite specific.  In that way you can show the client that you really understand the marketing process and will be totally committed to making it work.  Personal involvement is required.
  4. It is a known fact that far too many agents and brokers are quite generic when it comes to a pitch or presentation.  You can use this to your advantage.  Put yourself into the property promotion process.  Tell the client exactly how you will be taking the listing to the target audience, property investors, and tenants that will have an interest.  Be quite specific with your recommendations.  Tell the client how you will be communicating regular results and feedback from inspections and marketing.
  5. Some of your previous listing successes will be relevant to the client’s presentation today.  Have some stories to tell about the challenges and the positive outcomes achieved.  A good story relative to the property type will help you build trust and relevance with the client.
  6. Your existing database will provide some leverage when it comes to the property presentation.  Shortlist a group of people that you can show the property to when the listing has been agreed to and released.  Tell the client about the short list and their immediate interests in a property of this type.

From this simple list, it is easy to see that the commercial property presentation or sales pitch can be seriously improved when you personalise the process and set up the information to derail your fellow agents and their listing attempts.  This commitment to the property promotion process should only be provided for an exclusive listing.  Your pitch or your presentation should be geared accordingly.  In that way you can build a better market share with listings that you can control.

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