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Sales Plan Blueprint for Real Estate Agents

Your sales plan in real estate will help you in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the right people. That plan or blueprint will be critical to your success as a real estate agent in the coming year. 

This video will help you with your long term client relationships and your client connections.  It will help you build a system of contact with the right people and show you how that can happen.

Consider what is happening for you today in brokerage sales and leasing.  See how you are connecting with prospects and clients by examining your prospecting model. The process relies on relevancy, so leverage your prospecting model’s advantages.

Create more conversations as you build your sales plan. Improve your client exposure and contact processes if you want to have better results in the coming year than you did in the previous one.

Sales Customer Roadmap

For every successful sale or lease, you should have a long-term customer who is satisfied. New business opportunities and referrals will present themselves as a result of those satisfied customers. When speaking with your loyal customers, be sure to bring up the subject of referrals and leads.

Take an active role in your market, both personally and professionally. In the marketplace, many real estate agents and brokers fail to spend enough time meeting new people. They are easily distracted by business meetings, current deals and past clients’ needs.

Build Up Your Contact Pipeline

Don’t let the demands of the day derail your efforts to find new clients and make new contacts. The best agents spend at least half of their time in the marketplace.

You’ll never run out of ways to serve if you’re open to meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Ask more real estate related questions and you will find the people you want to help.

Analyze your city’s property activity over the last six months. Examine the variables such as how long the property has been on the market, how many people have inquired about it, and how much space is available on the market.

These things will provide you with indicators that will allow you to determine where the best investment opportunities will be in the upcoming year.

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Hone Your Real Estate Formula

When it comes to commercial real estate, the “scattergun” approach does not work; you must be a “sniper” who focuses on specific clients and properties. Build your customer relationships around that. You won’t be able to excel as a real estate agent in all areas and with all property types, so specialise down into smaller groups and situations.

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