sales plan template for commercial real estate brokers

When you seriously consider your commercial property market and your matched services, you will soon see the need for a sales and marketing plan.  There is no other way to get real focus into your property zone and your property types.  Expect the property market to change a few times each year, and on that basis your plan can also change.


Build Your Commercial Brokerage Strategy Plan This Way

This chart is a ‘visual approach’ to sales and leasing planning that will help you with these factors:

  • Selected client types
  • Zones of property activity
  • Listing marketing efforts
  • Commission growth

You can define your targets using the planner and then feed the topics into your brokerage activities.

That being said, all your brokerage results should be tracked weekly so you can make changes as you see that things are changing.  Identify the opportunities of the property market for your sales targets and listing approaches.

As brokers and agents, we all have a responsibility to see opportunities and then have a regular way of growing the business.  I have always said that a specific focus is far more productive in our industry; the ‘generic’ approach just doesn’t work.  Motivate yourself using the planning process, and get more momentum in your real estate business.

Here is the sales template chart in visual form to help you with this important point of brokerage focus:


sales plan template for commercial real estate brokerage
Sales plan template for commercial real estate brokerage