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In commercial real estate brokerage a sales team should be trained on a regular basis.  That then can help all team members with the challenges of the market and the clients that they are pitching or presenting to.

A good training program will generally produce a number of benefits over time.  Here are some of them:

  • Improved confidence when working with difficult properties and clients
  • Increase in presentation and pitching results
  • Better connection with clients across a number of current property challenges
  • Ways to deal with current market issues that the team commonly comes across
  • Sharing of skills across all levels of experience

So the benefits here are real and substantial.  A professional real estate agency would find great benefit from merging the training process into the weekly sales meeting.

To get things started, ask the members of the team to bring with them any issues or concerns noted in working with clients and prospects over the last week.  Many of the agents will be struggling with the same issues in one form or another.  Sharing information is a powerful tool.

Here are some rules to help you with establishing this training initiative in the office:

  1. This training strategy can be part of your sales team education system.  It doesn’t matter how long some of your team have been active in the market; sharing experiences and skills will be of great value.
  2. Make the process regular so all team members can attend and be prepared for the process.
  3. Create a library of resources to support the team’s sales skills.  Encourage the team to borrow and use the resources as a process of self-improvement in all skill bases across sales, leasing, and property management.
  4. Partner up junior recruits with ‘experienced professionals’.  You can do this through a ‘cadet’ process, helping the new recruit learn from others in the team.
  5. Encourage your sales team to share experiences from the week from any presentation, pitch, inspection, or negotiation.  Any difficulties or observations can be of value to others in the group.
  6. Role playing is a valuable process for all in the group.  In most situations there are many ways to resolve a problem.  Through role playing you can get all the experiences ‘on the table’ for all to see and talk about.

Given all of these facts, you can use the training to fill in gaps of experience across real estate market segments, property types, or services offered.  That can then help the team cross sell the services of your brokerage and therefore encourage greater client interaction and listing coverage.

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