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So where are you headed in your territory and market?  In commercial real estate agency and brokerage today you can fast-track your listing and commission results if you have a ‘successful selling system‘.  The system itself should take into account the prevailing market conditions and the opportunities that you are looking for.  Directed action can then follow.

Having spent a week or so recently with a few agents in a brokerage helping their planning for the upcoming fiscal year, I created this chart for them and to channel their focus.  You are welcome to download the file and use it in your agency or brokerage.  Pay particular attention to the different categories; perhaps you can add some more yourself.

We all know that there is plenty of opportunities around for those that dig for it.

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Here is the file for you in pdf format.

I hope this helps you with your market progress and actions.


selling systems chart for Brokerage
An accurate selling systems chart.

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