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We are coming to the start of a new financial year 2013-2014.  In fact, and as this article is being written we have just 4 weeks to go to the start of that financial year.

Many of us in commercial real estate work to a financial year and not a calendar year when it comes to activity.  It’s much more logical when it comes to commissions and listings performance.  The process also works very well with a full commercial real estate brokerage and sales team.  The commission numbers and listing conversions for the financial year have more meaning and opportunity.

So here’s my tip for you and a bonus file for download.  I would encourage you to set your targets over the next four weeks for the start of the upcoming financial year.

To help you with this I have provided a certificate to be printed, your name inserted, and for it to be framed on your desk.  It’s my way of helping you get your targets and activity under control.

You may also like to circulate it around the office as part of next weeks upcoming sales meeting.  Get the entire team to deal with their plans and targets 🙂

Here is the file download link.


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