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In commercial real estate today you will have many pressures on getting results from your market.  The only way to deal with that is to have a plan of focus that keeps you on track every day to the tasks that matter.

The good news is that the market is very rewarding to those that get the job done; those that get involved and active with prospects and clients.  It is a personal process and it requires the right contact model.  In essence you become skilled and strategic.  The things that you do every day are done for a reason.  The people that you connect with are selected from a prospecting model.  Over time the right connection process will help you move up in the market.

Here are some recommendations to help you build your commercial real estate business as an agent or as a broker:

  1. You can plan as much as you like but the second and most important step of the process is in taking consistent action to that plan.  It is a personal thing.  Protect your time so that other people cannot interfere with your business activities and growth of market share.  Take steps to keep your plans moving ahead with database support, social media, and local area marketing.
  2. The prospects that we connect with like to do so with confident and knowledgeable brokers or agents.  Local area information and research will help you do that.  Understand what is happening in the market and what opportunities are coming up in sales, leasing, and property management.
  3. Many of the prospects and clients that we serve have specific needs and points of focus.  When you understand those needs you can connect property requirements and create deals off market.

It takes a degree of effort and time to build your momentum as an agent or broker.  Every day you have to do the same things that will take you out into your territory for more meetings with new people.

The process of cold calling and door to door canvassing will help you significantly with your career.  Many agents don’t like to do either of these things but they are fundamentally important to building your market share.  Break the ‘fear barrier’ and push yourself out of the office to meet more people; it’s a daily event.  Our industry is based on personal contact and market share.  You can strengthen both of these issues through action.

If things are going a bit slow for you it is likely to be because of a lack of personal marketing.  Build your skills and knowledge to get out into your sales territory with focus and confidence.  Practice will get you there sooner.

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