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When you have a shopping centre to lease and manage, the marketing of the property, the tenancy mix, and the attraction of the tenants is something to be worked on consistently.

Looking to improve your retail property? That is where a promotional timeline is valuable in the management and leasing of the shopping centre or property over time. It is something that can be updated every 6 months or so based on the location and the types of customers that visit your retail property. It can feature in the business plan for the retail asset.

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In today’s podcast, we share the ideas behind promoting the property in a comprehensive way. To attract shop sales and local area interest.

There are so many changes today when it comes to shopping centre attraction, product sales, and tenant interest. The internet is shaping and changing what customers do and what they are interested in. So, there are things to do in attracting retail sales and customers to a retail property. Listen to the podcast here.

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