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Shopping Centre Performance Plan for Serving Landlords

When you are selling, leasing or managing a shopping centre today, there are many things to watch and work across. That will include tenant, customer, and day to day issues. That is why a performance plan is useful.

The landlord services that you offer as an agent can be quite specific and of real value. You can establish a performance plan for the property as part of that.

That plan can take into account the changes in the retail shopping environment, and the location as well as the property.

Retail shopping is changing and we as retail property experts should be tuned to the current property market and the predictable changes. Also don’t forget your competion properties. What’s happening in retail? You need to know.

In today’s video, we share the next stages of the shopping centre performance plan with a focus on landlord reporting and services. Check out the ideas and the messages that can apply to your real estate business.

Build your brokerage or agent retail property analysis plan from this matrix.

Retail Property Controls

When you consider everything in balance, there are many channels of control in a shopping center that are critical to the investment. A property performance plan is a good strategy of control.

As an agent acting for the client or landlord, those channels should be tracked in many ways in your retail strategic plan. You can then make operational decisions around sales, leasing, and management.

So what do you watch and how does that happen? Key factors would include not just income, but also the leases, tenants, risk management, and building function.

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