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In commercial real estate today, agents and brokers should be focusing on database growth and fresh new client connection.   The property market is always under change and that is to our advantage.  In saying that, the change has to be tapped into and that is where a good business plan and client contact strategy is required.   (NB – if you want more help with your prospecting, you can get prospecting ideas and tips in our free Commercial Snapshot Program right here)

It is the start of 2017.  At this time many agents and brokers are thinking about commissions, clients, listings, and enquiry.  The year is ahead of us.  To help with the pressures at the start of the year, this audio talks about the prospecting focus that we should all have at this time of year.  You can get the audio below and save it for later listening.

Learn how to prospect new business and new listings. Commercial real estate broker training by John Highman.

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Commercial Real Estate Online