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Simple and Easy Leasing Solutions for Brokers and Agents

Where do you start to tap into your commercial real estate leasing market?  In most towns and cities there will be some business movement and opportunities to find, so tenants and landlords are the base of clients to work with. Choose your client types and services specifically around that. 

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How can you prospect for that new business in leasing? Telephone calls and door-knocking strategies will provide leads and information for expert leasing agents.  Does that sound like you?  Are you organised enough for the process?

Talking to people in a consistent and ongoing way locally will help you find the tenants and property investors looking for leasing help. Choose your clients with a bias towards ‘quality’, first and foremost.

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Leasing Leverage Course for Commercial and Retail Leasing Specialists by John Highman

These facts and strategies in the podcast are the ‘action formula’ for successful leasing activity; that is across office, industrial, and retail property. 

You will get plenty of satisfaction from acting on this leasing model personally as part of your real estate career. Get to know local rents, lease types, tenant requirements, and tenant movement. You then have a leasing model to help you penetrate the leasing market. You will then be of value to your landlords and investors locally.

In today’s commercial real estate leasing podcast we cover:

  • Three ways to grow your leasing business comprehensively over time.
  • Seven ways to position yourself with leasing advantage over the competition.

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