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In commercial real estate agency today, you must know why you are a ‘top agent’ and why the clients should use you with their listing.  If you haven’t got clear answers, it will be very hard for you to pitch and present your services.

Being different in this property market is really important; being different in a relevant way that will attract the interests of the client to use your services.

So the client could say to you, ‘Why should I use you to sell (or lease) my property?’  The answer that most agents give is something like one of more of these:

  • We are the best agency in town.
  • We have been in the market locally for many years.
  • We have top quality people to serve you.
  • We have lots of offices in our group that will promote your property.
  • We have sold (or leased) quality local property for many years.
  • We know what we are doing.
  • We will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the property.
  • We have the knowledge to market and sell (or lease) your property fast.

If I was a client considering selling or leasing my property and some agent gave me one of those comments, I would say, ‘Why don’t you prove it!’   If I didn’t get back a ‘quality answer’ I would find another agent.  It’s plain and simple really; the facts are more important than ‘fluff’.

I have no time for generic agents.  I want to see real relevance in any sales pitch or presentation.  Commercial real estate requires the best agents that really know their ‘stuff’.  This property market requires good marketing strategies and solid commitment on the part of the agent.  Do you qualify here?

Here are some ideas that you can merge into your sales pitch or presentation:

  1. Have a comprehensive set of facts and figures at your fingertips relating to the properties on market, the recent sales, and the recent leases.  Support that information with lots of photographs that you can show the client.  The photographs are more important than the numbers.
  2. Show the client just how relevant your database is to the marketing and promotional process.
  3. Graph the trends of time on market, price, and rents relating to the property type and the local area. Show them the trends.
  4. Create a marketing strategy that includes your personal involvement and tell the client what you will do. Tell them about the enquiry rates and conversions currently.
  5. Provide a strategy for the client to see regards property inspection and negotiation.  Help them understand just how you will make things happen.

It is easy to see that these things are quite specific.  When it comes to pitching and presenting your listing services, there is no better way to do it.

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