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When you work in a commercial real estate agency, the cold calling process is part of a required prospecting model. Every salesperson should be making cold calls every working day to new people that they have not spoken to before. That being said, many salespeople struggle with the process and the call mindset. Many avoid the prospecting cold calling process at every opportunity. The common terminology given to the problem is call reluctance.

So how can this problem be cured? The simple answer is through ‘directed effort’.

You have to break through the barriers that your mind presents you each day when you startup. Your old habits are holding you back.

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Prospecting Challenge Today is Worthwhile

When you start to deal with the challenge and make more telephone calls, you will find that your confidence will rise Those of us, who have been successful in the process, understand that you must have a prospecting model and mindset and that it is part of your daily business activities. Contacting new people via the telephone is a very productive and convenient way to build your business. Commercial real estate is a good example of making this work.

What are the Common Cold Calling Problems?

So the problems around this contact call process are commonly the following:

  • Lack of personal organisation to devote the required call time each day
  • No system to support the momentum
  • Reluctance to make the calls
  • Dislike of rejection and knock-backs
  • Not knowing what to say
  • A basic fear of the entire process

You could possibly add a few more to the list yourself that is relative to your situation.

There is only one way to solve the call reluctance problem and that is to do it. Breaking the barriers that hold you back is a personal thing and it takes real effort. As you move through the process you deal with your weaknesses each, practice your call dialogue and refine the entire system.

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Know the Facts and Numbers of Cold Calling

Here is a tip that many do not understand or know about. When you start anything new and different, it takes you about 20 minutes to get started and move into the real momentum of what you are doing; its a time management problem for many. That being said, the same rules apply to make cold calls. It takes you 20 minutes to get into the issue, and when that occurs you should keep going for about 2 hours.

When you do this each and every day, you will get the call momentum and results that you seek. A few calls converted to meetings will soon show you that the system really does work.

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