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Special Slides on Sales Performance Metrics in Commercial Real Estate Today

In commercial real estate brokerage there are many things to learn and develop over time. Whilst you will quite likely be a property specialist in a location and property type, your sales skills and negotiation skills need to be refined, practice, and improved over time.

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Test and Measure

The clients and the prospects that we work with will usually test the agents and brokers that they connect with, well before they make a decision or accept a recommendation.  Your sales skills are critical.

Be prepared for the client questions and challenges, particularly so across the various stages of the sales or leasing transaction.

Your conversions and your commissions will be highly reliant on your ability to sell your professional services, build a logical argument or recommendation based on verifiable facts, negotiate property transactions clearly and directly, and market a property comprehensively in a targeted way.

The Stages of Property Transactions

Consider the various elements of presenting, listing, inspecting, marketing, and negotiation as they apply to commercial real estate sales and leasing in your location and territory. Every stage of the sales and leasing process will have unique skills to develop over time.  Local area factors will impact the deals and the clients.

Special Sales Report

In this special report, John Highman provides the key factors behind the sales skill development process in commercial real estate brokerage. Understand the factors mentioned and refine your skills accordingly.  Practice is one of the most important personal elements to bring into your real estate business.

You can get the skills development report in PDF form right here:

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Special Slides on Sales Performance in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

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