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Study Your Commercial Property Market for Opportunity

If you are to have a successful career in commercial real estate it will only come through directed effort and a lot of hard work at a personal level over the entire business year.  There will always be clients to serve and properties to work on, and they need to be found.

Every town or city will have opportunities in sales, leasing, and property management, so look around and comprehensively survey factors of local property ownership, business activity, and investment opportunity.  At a personal level you will need a prospecting system to help you through the year and focus your efforts within property types and locations.

So how can you check out the real opportunity for new business in commercial real estate?  Where are the next channels of opportunity to be tapped into?  What resources’ will you need to attract the new business?  Questions like these help you look for the right properties to list and the correct clients to serve.  When you set the rules and stick to them, you get closer to the opportunities.

So let’s set some rules for you to help with the growth of market share at a personal level:

  • Control your listing stock.  You can only do that through converting and marketing exclusive listings so adjust and refine your presentation and pitch strategies accordingly.  When you control the listing stock, other agents cannot interfere with the client, the property, or any negotiations.  You are then the one in control.
  • Track and measure property activity and inquiry locally.  Information maintained in this way can be very valuable when it comes to pitching and presenting a marketing solution to your clients.  Charts, graphs, and lists will help you convince the client to accept your campaign strategy and listing process.  Information presented in this way will show the client that you really understand the prevailing market conditions.
  • Create a comprehensive and unique marketing approach that you will use with all your sales and or leasing opportunities.  Put yourself into the marketing solution offered so the client understands exactly how you will bring value to the property challenge.  In providing this marketing solution ensure that you are personally involved in promoting the property and tell the client exactly how you will be moving ahead with the listing.
  • Get plenty of signboards into your market and placed on all of your listed properties.  The traditional signboard remains an effective marketing strategy at a local level.  The more signboards you have in the area, the greater the level of direct telephone calls coming back to you with listed properties.  Your name and mobile telephone number should feature on all of your signboards and local area marketing material so that inquiry can be channeled back to you in a timely way.
  • Build your online profile continually with quality information and exclusive listings.  Not only should you promote your listings online, but you should also provide local property market information, commentary, and industry updates (that’s what real property experts do).  Those marketing strategies can be supported across websites, blogs, and social media.  At least twice a week publish a blog relative to your local area, and in doing so explain current market conditions and opportunities.  Over time this process can improve your personal online profile as a property specialist.

So there are some quite specific things to do here in building your personal profile and growing your market share.  Promote your listings, but also promote yourself as the property specialist of choice in the local area.  Make it easy for people to understand the exact value you provide in marketing a quality property to a successful result.

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