Success Letter Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency you can run a series of success letters through a local area every time you list, sell or lease a significant and local property.  The letters also help your build on your successes from a completed sales or lease transaction.  As you send out these letters you can follow them up with all local business leaders and property investors.

Local branding is really important in our industry.  There are competitors all around you, so every listing that helps you stand out personally as a successful agent should be captured and optimised.

The fact of the matter is that people want to know about property results and changes.  As a market leader you can spread information into the local area and talk about property trends and changes.  The facts are valuable to the right people.

Here are some ideas to build on this marketing effort:

  1. When you list a great property locally, that property should be the subject of a personal marketing effort to local business leaders and property investors.
  2. Quality properties should be top of mind when it comes to marketing.  In any property market a quality property will create interest.
  3. Any historic fact that helps brand your property should be used to get an editorial into the media.
  4. Door-knock all the local businesses around the good listings.  In doing this you will pick up a lot of local property market intelligence.
  5. Cold call local business owners about property needs and changes.  This process will keep you up to date with opportunities.  The property cycle of change is quite long and relationships are needed to build the required trust.
  6. Every top property should be subjected to a high quality marketing campaign.  Any property owners considering selling their property soon may see your marketing effort as relevant and professional.
  7. Vendor paid marketing funds should be sourced as part of every exclusive listing.  Get the money paid in advance before you spend it on the campaign.
  8. When you put a signboard on a good quality local property, ensure that all the local canvassing letters are being sent out to the adjacent and nearby property owners.
  9. If a competing agent lists a property locally, you should canvass the surrounding property owners to see if they want to compete.
  10. If a local agent sells or leases a good property, and if you can get the details of the transaction, use that information as a reason to talk to the local property owners.

As you can see, the marketing process for a good local agent is based on connecting with the right people.  Establish a process with some of these strategies above.

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