Success Planning for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

The commercial real estate industry is full of challenges and distractions.  Every broker and agent needs to be prepared for the challenges of the day and have a strategy to optimise the day and the tasks at hand.  Preparation and focus are the keys to getting results.

Every year we have just 10 months out of 12 to get results and create listings and commission income.  The other 2 months of the year are usually impacted by seasonal holidays, the climate, the economy, and the market.  For those productive 10 months, every day and week should be a planned process where you take clear actions and focus your efforts to get the job done at a high level.  It directly follows that every agent and broker should have a ‘business plan’ and a set of ‘goals’ to direct them towards their target of listings and commissions.  Actions can then follow to the plan.

Look at the week ahead for you.  Have you some key tasks that need to be done?  Are those tasks critical to your business growth and marketing plan?  Can you see some income and market share at the end of those things?  If you have not answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, then you have some problems to deal with.

Every top agent or broker needs a performance plan.  Ask yourself these questions to get your performance plan underway:

  1. How will you maintain energy during the working day to get the job done with the best outcomes?
  2. What are the key things that you will need to do every day that will help you rise to the top of the market?
  3. What is your market share today and how will it need to change for you to be at the ‘top of your game’?
  4. What do you need to pay attention to in your actions and efforts that will help you improve and grow?
  5. How will you focus when the pressure is on?  What key thoughts can keep you on task and target?
  6. How will you respond when distractions and the ‘comfort zone’ threaten your action plan?
  7. What extra knowledge will you need and skills should you develop as part of personal improvement?

Top sales performance in our commercial real estate industry is a deliberate choice.  It doesn’t come easily but it does come to those that strive for it in the right way.  Go back over those 7 questions to set a new path of personal improvement and action.  Build a top sales career for yourself.

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