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In commercial real estate today it is very much the case that you will be up against your competitors with most listing presentations.  For this reason every property listing pitch has to be of a high standard.  The short time that you have with the client may be the make or break to close on the listing and marketing arrangements.

Far too many agents approach the listing presentation with little preparation.  On that basis they finish up with no listing or an ‘open listing’ in many cases.  If you want to win the majority of quality local property listings, then it is essential that you prepare in every case for a top presentation and most particularly for an exclusive listing.

It is good to have a long term relationship with many prospects built over months if not years; on that basis you can improve your chances of winning the listing.  So what if you do not have a great relationship with the prospective client?  What if they know very little about you?  How can you impress them to take on the listing?

To answer those questions simply, you really do need to prepare for the listing presentation, and you need a listing system that is so professional that the prospective client cannot ignore your offering and professionalism.  To choose another agent would be a negative step for the client.

Here are some ideas to help you with this:

  1. Do some research and investigation about the property and the precinct before you meet the client.  Take a walk around the general area as part of that process.  Walking around and observing gives you the chance to connect with the issues and the local area.  You can also ask questions of people in the local area.
  2. Take plenty of photographs to use in the presentation as a simple ‘rolling’ slide show.  It is remarkable just how the client will connect with you and listen to your comments if you have a set of 40 photographs rolling across your laptop screen as you talk about the property.  The client is always very interested in their property, so make that the core element of your photographic slide show.
  3. Make sure your presentation packet is designed for the property type and the local area.
  4. Give the client some alternatives in marketing so they can choose how much vendor paid marketing will be expended.
  5. Have some stories to tell the client about other clients and property situations that are similar to theirs.  Most clients like to know that they are not ‘alone’ when it comes to property challenges.
  6. Check out the comparable properties locally as you will need some leverage to help the client understand what is on the market and why it has not moved, rented, or been sold.

Through all of this, ensure that you have your property listing forms ready with the required paperwork to take the client into the listing phase.  Strike ‘while the iron is hot’ when it comes to closing on the listing opportunity.  Do not accept that the ‘client will get back to you’ for any reason.  Be prepared to close efficiently and effectively on all your quality listings whilst you are with the client.

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