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From time to time I travel to venues in different parts of the world for conferences and give Keynotes on matters related to Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Team Performance.  Yesterday I was in Sydney Australia at the invite of a CBD real estate group.   I have got a download at the end of this story for you; the story first will put things in perspective.

The theme for the keynote was ‘Personal Marketing for Top Commercial Agents and Brokers’.   It is worth sharing the topic with you now and the obvious shortcomings of the experienced brokers in the room (and there were a good number).  I know all my online community friends can learn from the ‘share process’ here and now; and perhaps you can as well if you are open to new ideas and concepts.  The topic is very relevant to your sales and listing pitch.

I started the Keynote with a question.  ‘What are you today as an agent and how would you describe yourself to clients or prospects?’  The answers coming back were many and similar to the following:

  • Professional
  • Integrity
  • Honest
  • Hardworking
  • Successful agent, etc

So the list goes on and I guess you can quickly get the feeling as I did that this is all ‘really off the mark’.  These experienced agents were not fully aligned to their prospects and clients with what those people really want and need for their situation and property.  So we think we are marketing specialists!; where is the alignment here?   Wow!

Such ‘generic fluff’ above will not win the business today!  We must drill down into exactly what the clients require to solve their property problem and then prove it to them.  Our personal marketing strategy must be totally aligned to it.  This is what clients want and need:

  1. Comprehensive market coverage for the property type to get fast results
  2. A good understanding of how to capture the target market for that property
  3. Proven performance in the property type locally with timely results at best prices
  4. A database of qualified prospects that are well matched to the property
  5. Marketing solutions that are highly aligned to the property and the client to achieve direct and high end results faster

If you read a lot of my articles and material you will see that I believe that personal marketing side of our business is very important.  This has been proven to me over and over so many times.  Given that fact, I still see most agents do the ‘same old stuff’ when it comes to personal promotion and listing or client interaction.  I go back to my point; ‘generic’ doesn’t win the business or convert the results.  To be a top agent you must be very specific to the clients and highly professional with the listing.

There is a big message here; every listing pitch and client connection must be highly focused and relevant to the situation.  Perhaps the word ‘relevant’ should be in bold print to emphasise the point.   Go for every quality property listing pitch at the highest level of commitment with an ‘exclusive’ approach to marketing.  Drill down comprehensively in your pitch on your professional services for the client and the property in question.

You can Direct Marketing and Pitch.

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