How Marketing Suspense is Easy to Create in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Attracting people and interest to a property marketing campaign is critical.  In sales and leasing, the rules are the same.  There are plenty of listings on the market at any time, so your listings must stand out as part of a directed and timed campaign. Before going further here on the topic, understand the differences […]

A Valuable Listing Checklist Template for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

When you pitch for a commercial property listing, your preparation and information gathering process prior to the event will be critical to the conversion of the new business.  Through preparation you can cover off on all of the right issues that could have an impact on the marketing, inspections, and negotiations relating to the listing.  […]


How to Lease Vacant Commercial Properties Faster

To lease a vacant commercial or industrial property effectively and fast you must have a few strategic ideas and actions underway.  Don’t just list the property (or vacancy) and hope that the people will call and inspect.  It doesn’t really work that way today.  The competition is always out there influencing tenants and moving the […]

A Complete Package of Advertising Principles for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

To a large degree, the choice of media to be used in commercial real estate marketing will have an impact on advertising design and layout.  There are however choices to be made allowing for the amount of marketing spend, and the message to be conveyed. The most effective time to attract enquiry for any listed […]

Important Advertising and Marketing Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The advertising and marketing strategies that you apply in commercial real estate brokerage will help you find more buyers and tenants, and the process will also help you find more clients. Any quality listing that is creatively promoted will create interest. Top agents consistently promote listings effectively and directly.   Advertising and Marketing Rules Here […]

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