How to List More Commercial Property

There are plenty of ways to list commercial properties but in saying that, the focus should always be on exclusivity each and every time. Exclusive listings are easier to control and convert into opportunities. Open listings conversely are convenient for the client or the broker, but there is typically little control on the property through […]


The Time Management Rules of Top Commercial Agents

In commercial real estate brokerage, each day many people will ask for a slice of your time for reasons that are important to them but not necessarily beneficial to you. Before you agree to have a meeting or devote time to a particular task or request from others, make sure that the potential results and […]

Advertising Ideas and Secrets in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

A top quality listing should be comprehensively promoted and especially so when the property is located in a large city or town.  That single requirement needs special planning and consideration.  Don’t rush into a property marketing campaign without a degree of planning.  Make the right choices when it comes to advertising your property so that […]

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