How to Take Your Motivation to the Next Level in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate, most agents suffer degrees of distraction and confusion at some point in their career.  The point here is that consistency will be the first ‘collateral’ damage on a real estate day. You can’t let that happen. Usually, it is in the first year or so that this happens to agents, and […]

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Build Your Real Estate Business on This Track and Measure Masterpiece

In commercial real estate today, most agents know that this will be a very active year with all types of business opportunities evolving. The services of top agents with professional sales and leasing skills will be in demand. If you want to tap into the new property cycle and all the events around that, try […]

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The Priorities in Brokerage that Can Change Everything

Each day in commercial real estate brokerage, so many things can take your focus or pressure you to reset your priorities.  That is the nature of the business.  Through all of that, you still have choices regarding connecting with people and choosing what you do during the day.  The choices that you make are the […]

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How to Get More Action and Results into Your Real Estate Week

In today’s audio programme we’re going to help you understand how you can optimise your real estate business and do so in undertaking the right things every day. There are certain strategies that always work when it comes to finding clients and growing your real estate market share. Note: If you would like to get […]


Blueprint for Broker Progress and Fortune

In commercial real estate, it is easy to let the day take or shape its momentum; unfortunately, in doing that you lose too much time and cannot capture the transaction opportunities before other people.  Staying ahead of the competition is a vital part of commercial real estate advancement at a personal level. Note: Do you […]