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Why You Need a Note-taking System or App in Real Estate

Taking notes in commercial real estate is all part of the business. You can take notes on properties, people situations, meetings, and business systems or changes. Your ability to take those notes and later follow up will impact your growth in activities and the finding of listings. In commercial real estate, there are always plenty […]


Ways of Capturing Market Facts and Information

The commercial property market is shifting and changing through the year, and right now is no exception.  As a result, there is a great deal to track, learn and do.   There are fresh aspects of the market to tap into.  Agent activity and results are based on, and gleaned from, what you hear and […]

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Step by Step Guide to Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are many ways to build your momentum and success in commercial real estate so make your choice on the systems that work for you and then optimize that system in all ways possible. The commercial real estate market is under change, and that is a good thing, so use it and work into it. […]


Agents Getting Behind the Wheel

This is a special note for my friends around the World. Things have changed a fair bit in commercial and residential real estate with this COVID-19 health event. That has created confusion for many agents, clients, and business owners. It is easy to accept the confusion and do nothing; that is probably the worst thing […]


How to Simplify Your Real Estate Day and Build Your Business Faster

Here the ideas that can drive your real estate business forward faster.  Grab a coffee and have a listen to this important brokerage podcast. It doesn’t matter if you work in sales, leasing or property management today; set rules should apply to your time and task allocations each working day.  There are things that we […]

Why You Should Revise Your Projections Quarterly

In commercial real estate brokerage, nothing remains the same, and nor should you with your business activities and marketing strategies.  Look to improve every quarter.  The real estate market is under constant change, so use that change for your advantage.   Why do these real estate projections and the full review quarterly?  The fact of […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Top Agent Planning

Sometimes we forget what we should be focusing on in commercial real estate brokerage; there are many things going on to create diversions and distractions.  I find the best way to handle that problem is to put a few charts around the workspace so you can quickly see what you can do.  This chart below […]

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