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Slide Deck: Strategic Questions in Real Estate

Today, commercial real estate sales and leasing involve various situations and people. The same is true for property management, though the focus varies. Today, I’d like to share a slide deck with ideas and strategies about questions to use as you discuss property marketing alternatives and deals in brokerage. There are 16 slides in the […]

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Win More New Business by Being Curious in Commercial Real Estate

You can ask more questions and meet more people in commercial real estate.  In this commercial real estate training video you will learn how to build your opportunities as a broker or agent from a base of local questions and connections.

Asking the Hard Questions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Some questions are better than others in commercial real estate brokerage.  Some questions give plenty of information and get to the point or the facts of what the client or prospect is thinking and doing about a property.  Unfortunately, we have been ‘programmed’ in life not to ask deep and direct questions; that can be […]


How to Qualify a Commercial Property Clients Needs and Expectations

In commercial real estate brokerage, the clients that you work for or connect with will always have diverse property needs and requirements when it comes to their challenges and outcomes.  Getting to the facts is quite important. Qualification is a good strategy to deploy in conversation as you get to the motivations behind the clients […]


Clear Cut Questions and Answers to Explore with Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

There are many different concepts and services to be explored with your commercial property clients.  The big and important issue here is that you are experienced enough to probe their property challenges.   In this special report I give you a number of important avenues of new business and commission opportunities to look into. You will […]

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