Things to Consider When Establishing Your Sales Force

In commercial real estate brokerage, the size and nature of your sales force will be the backbone to future listing opportunities and commission generation. You will need a plan to establish and then grow the sales force over time. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate […]

Establishing a Top Performing Commercial Real Estate Team

When you are running a commercial real estate brokerage, the structure of the team and the skills provided by individuals are important factors to attract, consider and strengthen.  A successful commercial real estate team can take some years to create and consolidate.  The right people can sometimes be hard to find. Before going too far […]


How to Assemble a Top Commercial Real Estate Team

In a successful commercial real estate team you need specialized people that are highly motivated and driven to grow personal market share and income opportunity.  As simple as this statement may seem, the realities of finding and growing such a team are difficult. Many an agency principle has struggled with the sourcing of new people […]

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