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A Commercial Property Management Report with a Professional Edge

In managing commercial real estate, the month-end report that you create and provide is fundamental to your professional property control and ongoing strategy. In some smaller single-tenant properties, the report that you create for your clients at month-end can be simple in many respects. However, in multi-tenanted buildings such as office towers and shopping centres, […]

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Step by Step Guide to a Retail Shopping Center Presentation

Let’s say that you have the chance of pitching and presenting your services on a good quality retail shopping center.  Your services could include Property Management, Asset Management, and Leasing.  There are many things to consider and talk about.  Great opportunities are waiting to be ‘tapped’. Get All Retail Property Facts The client will have […]

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Commercial Property Management Business Plan – Tips for Property Managers Today

Every commercial property should be managed and optimised to a plan. This is in fact, a business plan or version of it and it is to be prepared by property managers.  It should be prepared once a year and just before the commencement of the financial period to which the building performs.  It should be monitored […]

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