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The Blueprint for Finding More Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage today, you must develop a growth plan for your client list. When you do that and stick to your schedule, everything gets a bit easier. So, what is your base plan? Try this strategy. Every day, talk to a variety of new people to better understand what is going on […]

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A Guide to Getting More Clients in Commercial Real Estate Now

Building Market Share Now As the property market shifts and changes, the systems of contact that you use in your real estate business will be the ‘backbone’ of the growth of market share and listings. In today’s podcast, we give you some facts and ideas that you can use in your real estate day, specifically […]


How to Grow Your Client Base in Commercial Brokerage

We all know that the commercial real estate market is quite competitive today. That being said, there are many property situations waiting to be opened up and optimized. Don’t worry about your competitors in real estate, as they will always be there; build your own market and make a difference in doing so.  Improve yourself […]


Client Contact System – New Business Power

To be a top agent the clients and prospects of the market must know you and respect you for the skills and benefits you bring to them.  In today’s podcast, you can learn how to build your client list more effectively and directly. To be a top agent your clients must understand and respect your […]


How to Build Client Contact Cycles in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Client contact cycles and the systems around that are important because they help you build your real estate business.  The agents that struggle in the industry are usually those that don’t have a client contact cycle or pipeline. In this video by John Highman, learn how you can put some system into your real estate […]

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Career

How do you make the best use of your time in commercial real estate brokerage? You should get involved with your clients and with your listings in an in-depth and relevant way. You should seek to understand what the local property market enquiry is doing, and what the local people are looking for.  That can […]


Learn to Improve Your Listing Style Like a Professional

As an agent or broker, you will have a natural and preferred way of approaching the listing process in the commercial, industrial, or retail property.  You will likely already know how you like to discuss the alternatives of sales and leasing with a client or prospect.  Somewhere in those alternatives will be the client and […]

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Strategies for Getting in Front of More Clients in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, you need plenty of current and new clients to work with on a regular basis; that ‘pipeline’ is fed by prospecting for new business.  There is no shortcut there with creating new connections.  The cycle of activity for most property clients and prospects in commercial real estate is relatively long; […]

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The Role of a Successful Key Account Manager in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are very likely to be some key accounts in your city that need special attention over time and in certain ways.  In the bigger brokerages, it is common to have key account managers to assist in the client engagement process.  Experience and market coverage support the process.  Why do […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Report – How to Get More Appointments

In commercial real estate, there are plenty of people to know and connect with over time.  Getting appointments with people is fundamental to business generation.  The message here is that you have to get in front of people regularly and consistently in your town or city. To get a reasonable amount of traction in the […]

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