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How to Get More Action and Results into Your Real Estate Week

In today’s audio programme we’re going to help you understand how you can optimise your real estate business and do so in undertaking the right things every day. There are certain strategies that always work when it comes to finding clients and growing your real estate market share. Note: If you would like to get […]

Overcoming Stress and Downturns in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The commercial property industry is just like any other sales related career. You can be swamped and stressed by the pressures of performance and opportunity. Without a plan of attack and a consistent strategy towards new business development, it is very likely that you will struggle, and that can only lead to a downturn in […]


A 3 Point Action Plan for Commercial Real Estate Agents

An action plan for commercial real estate agents Every commercial real estate agent should have an action plan to focus their activities in the market and to build opportunity with listings and clients.  The action plan should be established around the elements of the agent’s business plan for the year.  Every agent should have a […]

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