The Three Words that Can Change a Real Estate Career Forever

Want some focus in real estate? There are just three words that lead to and make all the difference in the career of a commercial real estate agent.  From the three things, many other things can happen.   What are they?  They are:   Knowledge Systems Action   To explain, the progress of any agent is […]


Why You Should Grow These 7 Core Competencies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are some core competencies in commercial real estate today that are highly relevant to getting results in any agent career.  Those competencies are simply non-negotiable.  They are proven from the property market around the World and they are the ‘indicators’ of ‘top agent performance’. If a broker or an agent wants to achieve significant […]

Why You Should Revise Your Projections Quarterly

In commercial real estate brokerage, nothing remains the same, and nor should you with your business activities and marketing strategies.  Look to improve every quarter.  The real estate market is under constant change, so use that change for your advantage.   Why do these real estate projections and the full review quarterly?  The fact of […]


Brokerage Results Blueprint for Agents and Brokers in Sales and Leasing

Everyone tends to look for the ‘secret solution or method’ for individually getting brokerage results.  Whilst there are many ‘roads’ to take in getting progress, the rules are basically the same when it comes to finding and working with more clients and properties locally.  In two words you can say that ‘systemized action’ is fundamentally […]

Using Follow Up Systems and Mailings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

You can do a lot of new business in commercial real estate brokerage by following up on all your contacts and conversations.  Most agents and brokers don’t follow-up enough, and yes, there are reasons for that including time and money, however follow-up or a lack of is a common weakness in brokerage activities today.   (NB […]

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