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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Perfect Property Management Services Bring Real Advantages

The people that you employ in your commercial property management division should be specially chosen for their knowledge and skills; inexperienced people create issues in client service and property performance.  That focus on people means a ‘solid track record’ in handling investment decisions, tenants, and landlord related matters.  Good property managers can add considerable value […]

The Importance of Attracting Quality Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As I talk with many different commercial agents and brokers around the world.  I see the age-old problem of daily diversions and distractions. Recently I was in Hong Kong running a workshop on Commercial Leasing.  It’s interesting to note that the property industry is not that much different country by country.  Sure, the market indicators […]

How to Help Your Commercial Real Estate Clients Find Better Property Solutions

Some properties are better than others in commercial real estate investment.  The elements of property performance are unique in every city and will shape investments over time.  When you get to know your clients in a comprehensive way you can really help them match their property choices and needs to their investment targets.  That’s where […]


A Direct Action Plan for Getting Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Investment Sales

If you work in commercial property investment sales, you will understand the importance of the market segment and the people that you serve within it.  They are typically focused on one main thing, and that is the improvement of the property investment.  How they achieve that outcome can be your services speciality using all of […]

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