How to Optimize Your Brokerage Offerings

In today’s podcast you get some specific ideas about how you can use a ‘deeper’ approach to brokerage services and activities.  When your client wants a basic solution to their problem, that’s fine; but when you are in a competitive situation with other agents all chasing the same appointment, use some creative services that go […]


Proven Strategies to Improve Brokerage Services

The commercial real estate industry is highly competitive, and it is important that you are ahead of the ‘game’.  Be of ‘relevance’ to your client base.   Think about your services and match them into your clients and their needs.  There is no point in being ‘ordinary’ in commercial real estate brokerage. So, what does ‘relevance’ […]

Professional Services Marketing Strategies In Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are many things that you can do in commercial real estate brokerage today as part of offering professional services.  The choices that you make here with your services will impact your business for years and particularly the commissions and the listings that you create. Make the service choices based on your commercial property skills, […]


Professional Services Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Commercial real estate investors are special as is the property type that they are involved in.  From time to time they need special help with the changes appropriate and targets require to shape their investments. If commercial property is your industry, then you can and should focus your professional services into this client segment and […]

Property Management

How to Establish a Clear Market Position in Commercial Property Management

Commercial property management is quite different when compared to leasing and sales although the clients are similar.  In property management you are working with the client for the long haul.  Issues and strategies can take months if not years to bring to finality. The property management division of your business can serve a client for […]

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