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Top Real Estate Agent Planning

Where are you in your real estate career?   Would you like to give it a boost? You can do certain things in commercial real estate that will provide you with a market advantage. That is a real estate agent plan. When you do those special things regularly and then expand on them, the real estate […]


How to Take the Right Action in Brokerage and Grow Your Real Estate Business Faster

In the commercial property market today there are plenty of things for agents and brokers to focus on and opportunities to create so organization in the process is quite important. In many respects, there can be too many things happening each day, and therefore your efforts as a property specialist can be diluted and lost […]

How Commercial Real Estate Brokers Can Lift Personal Performance in a Market Downturn

Like it or not the commercial property market slows from time to time in different ways, although not all segments do so at the same time.  When you think about it, if the market slows you can move your focus to a new segment and or property type.  A keen eye for local property activity […]

Developing Real Skills and Strengths as a Competent Commercial Real Estate Agent

In every town or city there will be special factors to consider when it comes to selling, leasing, or managing a property type (industrial, office, and retail) and within a location. Every agent then needs to consider how they can stand out as a top agent for the location given all of the competition that’s […]

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