How to Develop the Best Sales Skills

As an agent in commercial real estate, your sales skills should constantly be enhanced, encouraged, and improved.  There are plenty of people out in the property market who will test your sales skills and outcomes.  Are you ready for the challenge of sales improvement? So how does an agent become successful in commercial real estate […]


Easy Systems to Follow as a Real Estate Sales Agent

Most agents know that real estate as a career is full of opportunities. In saying that, there are skills and hurdles to work through. There is also plenty of hard work and systems to establish. But, wouldn’t you expect that? Luck may help you along the way, but when the property market gets slower or […]

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How to Be a Major Player with New Business

In commercial real estate brokerage, the systems that you apply to your real estate day will help you get more traction with listings and clients. As simple as it seems, there are some disciplines to apply to your real estate day. In this podcast today, we help you with those agent actions and real estate […]

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Finding Commercial Real Estate Listings Today

As the property market shifts and changes now, there are plenty of listing opportunities evolving with all property types. People want to do things, and that is where our services as commercial real estate agents ‘come to the fore’. In this podcast today, we can help you with the key facts behind locating listings in […]

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Reflections on the Best Things to Do in Brokerage Today

As you contemplate the next steps into the new property cycle and the commercial real estate market around you, check out this infographic and make sure you have these strategies well ‘actioned’ in your real estate day. Note: If you want more free resources in commercial real estate, you can get them here from our […]

You Are Closer Than You Think to The Top of Your Game

In commercial real estate brokerage, the strategies that you apply to your business and activities every day will produce results, be they good or bad.  Understanding that fact and then acting on it in a positive way is a key foundation of personal peak performance as a broker or agent.  So, what happens here for […]