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Ways of Attracting High-Quality Landlord Clients

Commercial and retail property landlords generally want just two things.  When you satisfy those two things, you typically have a client for life. So, what do landlords want from agents?  In the first instance, they are looking for tenants to fill vacancies. So, it directly follows that if you as an agent know plenty of […]


Gap Analysis Example for Office Leasing Agents

As the property market shifts and changes, you can learn a lot about the current and upcoming leasing opportunities by doing a gap analysis of your market and location as an agent. In addition, you can find things that can be an opportunity in the future in brokerage activity.  The vacancies are always out there, […]

Leasing Shopping Centre Leasing

How to Comprehensively Present Your Case for Leasing Commercial Premises

Leasing a commercial property is a simple and yet staged process.  If you win the listing, there are things to think about and talk about with the clients and your clients could be landlords or tenants.  There are some facts to share with the client, so they understand that you have all the ideas and […]


How to Bullet Proof Your Leasing Business in Commercial Property

Here are some ideas in this commercial real estate podcast to help you elevate your levels of engagement and contact with good quality tenants and landlords in commercial real estate leasing. Delve into your local area and check things out fully.  Get to know the vacancy factors and the changes in building occupancy.  Some buildings […]


Five Lessons to Learn in Leasing Commercial Property Today

Most brokers or agents get involved with leasing commercial or retail property.  It is a good segment of the market to work with.  It does, however, require specialisation to ensure that you have the necessary skills and market coverage to work with both tenants and landlords comprehensively. Where do you start?  Understand what the tenants […]


Tips for Negotiating Commercial Leases

In commercial property management, there are pressures to be aware of in keeping good tenants and reducing vacancy factors.  Optimize the property by negotiating leases early.  Help the landlord see the benefit in working with tenants early in their ‘lease expiry window’. In this ebook on property management leasing, you can get the facts behind a negotiation […]

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