How to Achieve Top Marketing Impact in Real Estate

The real estate market is changing again, and you would expect it to given the trends of last couple of years. To adjust to the new property market, as an agent, think about your marketing impact and what you can do with it. The fact is that the property market doesn’t disappear, it just changes, […]

Key Ideas for a High Quality Marketing Campaign in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate today you really do need to consider the best marketing alternatives for the listings that you promote.  There are (or should be) distinct differences when it comes to the methods of promoting and directly marketing exclusive listings vs. open listings. Exclusivity Matters All or most of your business efforts should be […]

Essential Reflections on Commercial Real Estate Marketing Today

A well run marketing campaign in commercial real estate brokerage will fast track listing inquiries and inspections.  Ensure that you have all the bases covered when it comes to your quality properties and the associated marketing campaigns. Refresh your listings every couple of weeks so the internet search engines and the industry portals have something […]

6 Ways to Get Marketing Intensity in Commercial Real Estate Sales

In most towns or cities there are plenty of properties for sale at any point in time.  When a quality property comes to the market it has to be intensely marketed by the agent in a comprehensive way. The ‘generic’ approach to marketing really doesn’t work; if selling is part of your commercial real estate […]


Highly Effective Marketing Techniques in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The marketing process in commercial real estate today should be quite special when it comes to any exclusive listing.  Those listings deserve a dedicated focus when it comes to reaching the end market of buyers or tenants. In most towns or cities there are plenty of commercial or retail properties to sell or lease.  A […]

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