Commercial Real Estate Agents – What You Can Do with a Franchise Business List for Your City

In commercial real estate brokerage you can do a lot with a franchise business list.  Within that list you can find leasing and occupancy needs.  You can create that list from a bit of simple internet and business research.  Understand what franchise tenants need by way of property and then find it.  Are you up […]

Franchise Groups are an Absolute Must in a Shopping Center Tenant Mix

When you are designing a retail shopping center for successful trading and performance, many issues are of concern not the least of which is the tenant mix.  Creating that ideal mix of anchor tenants and specialty tenants requires knowledge and planning.   Franchise groups should be a key component of the overall mix. So the message […]

A Leasing Action Plan for Attracting Franchise Tenants to Investment Properties

Franchise tenants today usually bring desirable leasing results to most investment properties.  That being said, there is a need to understand the differences in leasing a property or premises to a franchise tenant verses a traditional small family business. Franchise tenants are different when it comes to lease occupancy.  Landlords should adjust their leasing targets […]


7 Tips to Help Lease Your Vacant Property to a High Profile Franchise Tenant

Franchise tenants do offer massive marketing profile and leasing potential to an investment property.  If you are looking to boost the tenant mix and leasing of your property, then a well-known brand franchise tenant may be one of the best ways to go.  A property that attracts any franchise tenant occupancy will most likely attract […]

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